Coach Jeffrey On Bundling Up

As we roll into the fall season, most people think How do I prepare for the winter? Should I be bundling up, and slowing the movement to get ready for the cold? Should I be eating more? Should we be doing less outdoor activities? What will the kids do?  At NYParkour we crank up the classes. Most athletes consider the fall the best time for conditioning outdoors. Being that NYParkour is a base of coaches conditioning is a main topic of discussion all season. We stay outdoors as the days are nice enough to run around in layers of clothes and/or a light jacket. It’s always okay to drop layers after you rise your body temperature. Make sure you stay cool, while watching for changes in weather. And don’t forget to dry that sweat before adding layers back.

Bundling Up

The key to a good fit isn’t style, but the layers to keep you warm as best as you can. On a nice cold day, (maybe 55 degrees)  I’m determined to train on I often find myself dressed in sweaters and sweatpants. If I’m not in double extra large sweatpants -I’ll be in two light sweatpants, two sweaters, and my polo cap. These layers always vary especially when I have a light jacket too. Its all about not working out with cold muscles! You want to keep your body nice and warm to push yourself to higher heights.

Catching Up On Food 

I do bring a snack or two to a jam or class every once in a while. But I usually leave the food for before and after training. That little snack is usually if it’s going to be a nice long day of training. I also like to rest after that snack before getting back to jumping. Always carry a water bottle if you can, that will be helpful to your workout. And about eating before and after training, at least little, is very important to keeping your body the most comfortable for movement, now and later.

Outdoor Activities 

The fall is the perfect time to go for a run. You have the autumn breeze in your favorite park on a sunny day. Nice long runs to the best of your ability, while stretching before and throughout, is always a simple way to get the body moving. That’s a way we express movement through Parkour. NYParkour offers a variety of options in New York City for adult classes. We ofter group training and privates. We currently have pop in beginner classes every Sunday in Manhattan  at the Amphitheater.

More Outdoor Activities 

Lets not forget about the kids! As the weather drops we all know kids will claim they don’t need that sweater, and come home cold. That’s why on a cool day we know they will have the opportunity to run around, we have that sweater on and light jacket nearby. In classes we get a lot of long sleeve which always keeps them warm. They never complain of the cold, because we keep them moving, o f course!

As far as classes for kids, we have a few throughout Queens and Upper Manhattan. We are always interested to book a class in your neighborhood for your children and students. You can reach out to for inquiries. And remember if you’re planning to jump around this fall with or without us, be sure to bundle up!

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