Brick Mansions Nears Profit Point

David Belle's debut American film Brick Mansions has pulled in over $25 million worldwide at the box office nearing the end of it's 3rd week in theaters. The film, which was made for $28 million, has just $4 million more to go before its technically deemed profitable (we still have to allot for the ad budget and other miscellaneous costs). But it being this close is good for us, because it's fiscal success would show that movies featuring parkour in the forefront instead of the background can and do make money.

As many of the global communities professional traceurs work in the entertainment business, the success of any movie our art-form is attached to, can be seen as a triumph for the community at large.

So far the films been grossing between $200,000 - $1 million a day in ticket sales, so if it keeps this momentum up, it could pass the $28 million mark by the close of next weekend.


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