Best Parkour Movies That Will Have You Flipping Out

Parkour is a common discipline and is on show in many movies, ranging from Marvel to James Bond. Those are the best films.

Parkour is the physical exercise that handles traveling in the shortest possible distance from point A to B, regardless of the difference in height or the number of obstacles between them. Sport-scale followers, leap from the rooftops and perform some kind of imaginable jump, and dive.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

You would assume that the movies from MCU are very useful for combining parkour scenes between heroes and villains, but the second Captain America movie is so far the only movie in this series to make full use of freerunning.  A super-soldier like Cap will, of course, be expert in parkour, use discipline to a large extent in almost all of the acts that he takes, as he escapes into a ship full of terrorists and pushes the Winter Soldier through houses, across rooftops, and over bridges.


A freerunner is forced to compete in a parkour tournament sponsored by a group of businessmen who are saddled with blood and who are searching for an exciting and new form of play where real lives are on the line. If the race fails to win, the bomb lands on your back. But when you roll in, you'll concentrate on what the film really is: a complete demonstration of all the ways parkour strategies can be used to get rid of obstacles by some of the top athletes on the planet. The film's premise is rather forced.

The Tournament

This independent British thriller, pretending to be pretty similar to Freerunner, is kicking off a group of powerful and rich men who organize a world-leading killing tournament with a huge cash reward for those who excel in surviving the royal battle until only one killer is left to be named the new death-lost murderer. The film is an uninterrupted exciting journey of sick war, the exercise, and creative murder methods. A movie that should certainly be on the action fan watch list.

District 13

As the founder of the Parkour Movement, David Belle is a face most people know of in the parkour world. District 13 has been his magnum opus in many respects. Belle is one of the leading players as Leito, a little crook battling against a much greater threat to his neighborhood from the local drug boss and even the police. The scenes of the Parkour are perhaps the most famous films ever filmed. Cyril Raffaelli, one of the best in the business and one of the best action films of the last two decades, is also choreographed and performed on the scenes of war.

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