Which Avengers Do Their Own Stuntwork and Which Ones Use a Body Double?

Many of the stars of Avengers execute their own stunts but be clear: this is not a proposition in Hollywood. Regardless of how many players you like, they all have doubled. They do their own stunts. Nothing less is required of Hollywood security rules.

And, indeed, in Captain Marvel Brie Larson made some of her own stunts to help make the action more compelling. But she has a double like every other MCU character. And some people replace more than one actor in a movie.

Now that CGI is more convincing, stunt doubles can actually work even more than they did. The stunt performers must perform, then the effects of artists will double the heads of the actors – they literally are referred to as a virtual head replacement.

A list of actors performing their own activities was compiled by CBR, including Chris Evans (Captain America) and Tom Holland (Spider-Man). It has been reported that Scarlett Johansson is doing her own stunts, and certainly she trains hard for her part. Holland is a fitness center which is helpful when you have to climb walls.


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