What makes a good parkour spot?

Parkour's education has been worldwide, mostly in the form of urban spaces, but in parks, even in the jungle. Good surfaces are easy to find, comfortable and attractive that support mobility.


Viewers call the training points a point. Good places are popular and popular among professionals and are often named after the place, talent, character, building or company. Parkour training often involves traveling and discovering the environment in hopes of finding a better place. It is also common for dancers to come together in a particular shape or place for some practical training. Even if it's a good idea, the old place can offer new opportunities after the session. A good old-fashioned place is also a great way to measure your performance level. Every time you return to this opportunity, there can be old problems.

It has many features, such as a good fitness room, easily accessible. First of all, you can get there without any problems. Second, places are not far from the places people use in their daily lives, or you can easily get by public transport. On the other hand, the over-the-top traffic makes the lesson difficult regardless of how good the location is. The shape of the space should be strong and durable. If he falls into a drain, he may be injured and/or fined for breaking another person's property. It is good to have a large number of designs in a limited space. Walking is sometimes fun during exercise, but it is usually much better if you are not forced to go too far to find a particular shape.

Urban areas are sometimes scary, with only one or two types of buildings passing by. This way, first you need to choose the type of sports training you want to train and get the game. If the factor does not provide enough difficulty for different skill levels, you may need to select training partners per event. It is important to combine movement patterns to create multiple movements and lines in Parkour. To do this, it is better to be closer than to travel a long distance to coordinate each movement.

The scenery also offers some unique and unexpected buildings. It is a wonderful place. It may surprise you after a very comfortable time even after a very long time because of the small details that allow you to return your profit even before you see it. Unexpected buildings challenge you to think creatively and solve problems.

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