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Parkour Film: Run

If you haven't heard already, Run is a new parkour themed film that will be coming out in 2014. Set in New York with some of the city's very own traceurs, the parkour community is excited to see how the practice is portrayed in the movie.

William Moseley plays the protagonist, Daniel Lombardi, a 17 year old practitioner who helps his father commit small robberies. After Daniel is nearly caught by Detroit police, Daniel's father decides to relocate them to New York where he plans to reconnect with the crime family. Daniel befriends a group of traceurs who give a name to the activity that he has practiced for years. When the negotiations with the crime family go wrong, Daniel must do everything he can to keep himself, his father, and his newfound friends alive.

RUN movie

Director and writer, Simone Bartesaghi, received an award from the Milan International Film Festival for Best Screenplay as well as the Best New Director award from LA's 3D Film Festival. Adrian Pasdar (Daniel's father) also received Best Supporting Actor at the Milan International Film Festival.

The movie premiers in the US sometime in 2014. Take a look at the trailer below for a sneak peak.

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