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New Parkour Book Published

There are plenty of online articles and magazines out there that look at parkour in great depth, but it’s not very often that we hear about a new book being published. “Parkour and the Art du Déplacement” by Vincent Thibault is on sale now and offers a look at many of the different aspects of parkour that traceurs face.  From Baraka Books:

 “Vincent Thibault approaches parkour as an attractive solution for rival gangs, a force against the overwhelming inertia, and an occasion to challenge one’s own fears. Reflecting on the culture of effort, he also avoids the media-based trap that depicts Parkour as just another of those elitist extreme sports. This book is a philosophical and lyrical adventure into martial arts and chivalry in an urban setting.”

 The book has already received praise from Dan Edwards of Parkour Generations, and I am personally excited to get my hands on a copy as well.  NYParkour will be receiving a copy soon, and will be writing up a full review once we read through it! 

Read more about the book and purchase your copy here.


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