Holiday Gifts Ideas For Traceurs

Be the best last-minute shopper you can be with these gift ideas for the traceur, traceuse, and free runners in your life. Actually, any good old athlete, fitness aficionado, and sports junkie will love these gifts whether they like to run, climb mountains, or stay and hope and watch Netflix as they do squats. Welcome to our first Tracer Holiday Guide.

1. Tigers. Not the animal but the shoe, Asics makes a great shoe and some of our team members really dig these:

They come in the traditional holiday colors, and feature their GEL-Lyte™ III, GEL-Lyte™ V, GEL-Lyte™ Speed, and GEL-Saga™ models. The shoe's neoprene sock liner provides your feet with enhanced ankle support and a snug, yet comfortable sock-like fit. Happy feet= happy athletes.


2. Hydration backpacks. Once you've used a hydration pack, there's just no going back. Two reasons: Convenience, no slowing down or stopping to reach for a bottle. Hydration is a speedy, almost effortless task—just grab, gulp and go. Efficiency and performance: since drinking is made easier you do more of it and a well-hydrated athlete is a better performing athlete.

3. Sports Armbands. Music makes everything better, especially that challenging five-mile run you subject yourself to every other morning. running with an expensive, delicate smartphone isn’t all that sensible. Smartphones bounce around in your pocket, and if you run with your device in your hand, you also run the risk of it falling out of your pocket and onto the floor. A dedicated arm band offers a practical solution, providing your precious device with stability and safety.

4. Sweatshirts. Really? Really, traceurs sweat a lot and it's probably a good idea to get your partner, daughter, husband, whomever a sweatshirt or two to sweat through. They will thank you, and no one has ever said no to nice Under Armour.

5. Blender. If someone's trying to get in shape, be healthy, be athletic, or generally get in their daily fruits and veggies a blender is a nice, thoughtful gift to get someone. Brownie points if you buy them groceries too. Make it cuter with hand-written recipes.



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