Freerunning as Spiritual Practice...

Writter, adventurer,  Ted Heistman has written possible the best description of what it feels like to do Parkour that I have read to date. His latest article, "Freerunning as Spiritual Practice and Political Statement" has gone much deeper into explaining the art then most guest writers on the subject. While his experience with the art-form as we know it maybe less then the average traceur, his understanding of it and its potential as displayed by the article shows the sage and wisdom of a veteran practitioner. Here's an excerpt from the piece briefly explaining his take on freerunning,

"For me, freerunning was not about competing with others, but building confidence and challenging myself. It had became a spiritual practice for me, too; something akin to a type of yoga. Years later, when I learned mediation in a Buddhist Meditation center it felt very familiar to me, like I had done it before. In fact, I had: running, jumping and climbing outdoors on my own. Freerunning cleared my mind , quieted my internal dialogue and brought me intimately to the present moment through the natural movement of my body. It left me feeling like I had connected with my own inner wisdom."

You can find the entire article here; Freerunning as Spiritual Practice and Political Statement.
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