Texas Opens Parkour Facility

This week, the State of Texas gained its very first parkour gym. On April 1st,  True Nature Training facility opened its doors to the neighboring community of Austin Texas.  The Gym was created by Matthew Lee Willis of Texas parkour and MovNat Texas's Tracy Barksdale.  The gym plans to offer programs in Parkour, natural movement, gymnastics, tumbling, yoga, and tricking, as well as furnish open gym and summer camps.

 True Nature is housed in a 7,500 sq foot building and is equipped with a spring floor, wood vaulting and climbing structures, and jungle gym bars.  It truly looks like al lot of fun. And, as with most beginner parkour gyms, we’re sure they'll be adding more equipment and fun as their standing grows.  For more info on True Nature, and to sign up for a class if you’re in the Austin Texas area, check out their site;  True Nature Training.

Written by Exo


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