Barstarzz on Tour

If you live along the East coast and are looking for more ways to build your strength up, NYParkour community member Vertical Jimenez will be travelling with the Barstarzz this month to help teach classes and workshops. 

 The Barstarzz describe themselves as an international workout team who train through “creative calisthenics”.  Similar to the way traceurs would claim parkour training is a much more enjoyable way to get in shape, the Barstarzz believe that calisthenics offer a more fun way to work out and present endless opportunities for creativity and expansion.  In this way, parkour training and Barstarzz workouts can go hand in hand, and as a result the two communities are very close.

 If you live along the east coast and would like to train with this incredible group, below is a list of their travel schedule.  See if they’ll be stopping by you!  

 1st stop: April 17th New Jersey Pinnacle Parkour

101 Allied Pkwy, Sicklerville, NJ

 2nd stop April 18th Washington D.C. The Morning

April 18 King Farm Park (Public Park)
401 Watkins Pond Blvd. Rockville, MD 20850

 3rd stop April 19th North Carolina General Workshop 

6409 Margate Ct., Raleigh NC. 

 4th stop April 20th iMuscle up Pull Up Jam Lake City Florida

861 SE Academic Ave., Lake City, Florida 32025 

 And the last stop will be in Miami south beach for 4 days of hanging out traveling to nearby spots to train with anyone.  If you live within any of these areas, send an email to to arrange a meet up. 

 Below is a video with more information about the trip:

 Written by Vertical


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