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B13 Remake Underway

Several days ago, immediately following the birthday of David Belle, production began on Brick Mansions, a Hollywood remake of the one and only District B-13 - an old film featuring David Belle that introduced parkour to a whole new generation of traceurs.  The plot keeps true to the original movie, as does David’s role.  I’m sure I’m not the only one excited to see David Belle on the big screen, along with the Fast and the Furious franchise star Paul Walker, who plays the undercover cop.  On the first day of shooting in Montréal, Quebec, Paul Walker and David Belle were seen with bloodied up faces walking back to their trailer. David Belle with his bloody swollen eye makeup can be seen below giving a badass (almost) thumbs up to the camera.

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The original article, along with more pictures, can be found here.

Written by Zach Maller


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