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3RUN Launches Mobile App

UK Freerunning team 3Run released its first App earlier this month for Android and iPhone, simply titled "Parkour".  The App was created by Eronka, a Sydney Australia based creative digital interactive agency, which also has a similar martial arts app and, interestingly enough, an automotive app for the middle east called IranSaver amongst its lists of products.
This app is not a game like Vector.  Instead, it is a teaching device, with about 65 different tutorials for any movements even remotely related to parkour. The tutorials section is split into 5 different groups: warm up, conditioning, beginner, intermediate, and advanced, with each housing a collection of move descriptions and video.  
Theres also a news section so that you can keep tabs on the team, and a contacts section to stay in touch with them even if you are outside the UK.  The site says to make sure you download  the App over WiFi, as the videos make it a rather large file. 
Download the app now, for Android or Apple devices.
For more info on 3Run, vist their site
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