The World Chase Tag combines Parkour's competitive athletics with Tag's ancient game. The sport began in 2016 and quickly developed a culte. With over 300 million organic web views, the WCT rapidly achieved huge online consumption. It includes 55 WCT-related videos and 52 million organic views over WCT YouTube over the last 12 months, and social media after more than 800,000.


"We have the perfect opportunity to introduce World Chase Tag to the American audience by working with the NBC Sports and Tupelo," says Christian Devaux, World ChaseTag co-inventor. "We are able to build the U.S. audiencia and produce the best possible performance of our events by using the NBC Sports Network and Tupelo's strengths and credibility."

Cary Glotzer, Tupelo Raycom CEO, said: "We are excited to partner with WCT. "Tupelo is most excited about the demographics of both linear TV programs and digital platforms of its core audience. WCT is broadly open to U.S. sponsorship and brand partnerships, with which we can accomplish our objectives through a relationship with NBC Sports.

"We're excited to partner with Tupelo Raycom to launch WCT's first ever U.S. TV and this month's NBCSN showcase of the best parkour athletes around the world." Gary Quinn, Vice President Programming & Owned Properties, NBC Sports, said. We are excited to build on and help the sport grow with an even greater audience. "WCT has the highest quality competition."

WCT tournaments are joined by teams from all over the world and feature the biggest names in Parkour and Ninja Warrior with a combined social media after over 7 million from Asia, Europe and the United States.

The game consists of two people in an arena with various obstacles, one chaser and one evader that players can use to avoid being tagged by their chaser. In a sequence of 20 seconds ' Evader' vs.' Tagger' chases in a lively 40'x 40' environment known as' The Quad ' two teams of up to five competitors fight it out.

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