Tranquil Initiation Tradition Jam

Everyone knows that Colorado has an amazing parkour community with a great number of interesting spots. The annual Tranquil Initiation Tradition (T.I.T) jam, hosted by Tranquil Movement, offers a great opportunity to visit these spots and meet a ton of new people in one of the U.S.’s biggest jams of the year.  The jam is a week long, starting on Monday July 22nd and continuing until Sunday the 28th.

Additionally, the jam serves another purpose- to support and raise money for fighting breast cancer. Various events will be held to raise money, and 100% of the donations will go directly to the NBCF. From the Tranquil Movement page:

“This year we are continuing our Backflip for Bucks caimpaign, where for every dollar we recieve we will collectively match it with a flip. This year we have partnered with 3 other venues. City Rock, Flipshack and Rawkus. City Rock is a rock climbing facility and has offered to donate all profits earned towards our cause on July 24th. The following day, we will be at Flipshack. Flipshack is a gymnastic fitness facility that specializes in gymnastic, tumbling and parkour movements. We will be providing workshops for children and families to learn more about parkour, it's philosophy and bring awarness to how simply putting our gifts and talents to use to better our society and the lives of everyone around us can change an entire generation. The Main Event is a benefit concert with a headlining DJ, local musicians and a local brewery donating kegs at Rawkus Nation, a new concert venue here in Colorado Springs”

To read more information about the event, or to make a donation, visit HERE.

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