R.I.P. Bedok Maze

Famed parkour training spot Bedok Maze has unfortunately met it's demise this past month. The popular Singapore training ground had international visitors who fly in just to session its walls, and and film of themselves to the lexicon. But all that is no more, on March 7th demolition began on its famed walls and PK Singapore gave us our first look at the tragedy.

Demolition may be linked to excessive noise

The official reason for the demolition wasn’t stated as of the time of writing.

But there is evidence suggesting that the tearing down of the area may be linked to noise complaints.

Back in 2016, the largest parkour event in Singapore was held at this very location.

The event spanned 3 days, during which multiple noise-related complaints from residents were lodged, resulting in 3 police visits.

But when interviewed by Yahoo! News, one resident who stayed in the vicinity claimed that “there were no noise concerns”.

Like with allot of other communities, our condolences go out to the Singapore Pk community, we know how they feel as one of our cherished locations The Brooklyn Banks was supposed to re-open in 2014 and still is off limits to this day. & staple China town park was demolished awhile ago and replaced with plastic.

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