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NYParkour BBQ Jam Review

It’s a been a little over a week since New York Parkour’s BBQ Jam celebrating our 8th anniversary, and we’re still going through pictures and videos from the event.  We had an excellent turnout and were relieved to see the sun for the first time in several days.

 The jam started off at Tompkins Square park, with some light training and warming up.  Here we announced the “spot challenges,” a series of challenges we’d be holding at each spot that would result in one winner at the end of the day.  For each spot we visited, there were three challenges of varying difficulty- one easy 1 pt move, a medium level 3 pt move, and a difficult 5 pt move.  Competitors chose what difficulty they wanted to attempt and had 3 chances to land the move right- if they got it they were awarded the points, but if they failed would get 0 pts for that round.  The challenge at Tompkins involved 3 precisions of varying difficulty, which had to be stuck in order to count.

 After training at Tompkins for some time we moved on to Hamilton Fish Park.  Several more people met us here, and we commenced with more training and another spot challenge (that involved a running cat for the medium level and a running crane or precision for the higher difficulty).  We eventually moved on to Scoops, where the third challenge (involving different level kong precisions) was held.

 By the time we arrived at the amphitheater many people were tired out and were doing light training or getting some last jumps in.  It was about 6:00 at this point, so some extreme hunger was also starting to set in.  We made our way to the BBQ spot and were happy to start digging in to some chips, burgers, hot dogs, and drinks.  Jamba Juice had also provided us with 100 mini smoothies, which were perfect after a long day of training.  The winner of out spot challenges, Joey Arato, also won a special Jamba Juice sponsored event of his own.

 We’re currently working on putting together a video of the event, and will be posting it up soon.  For now, you can see some pictures from photographer Andy Outis, who was at the event as well:  Facebook Gallery

 Now, to start planning next year’s!


UPDATE: The video is finished!



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