Sharpen skills with Mirror's Edge 2


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Creators at EA revamp Mirror’s Edge for with a sequel geared towards a new generation. It will be available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. For those who are familiar with the game know it’s all about fluidity of movement; how quick you can pass through the environment with the most rewarding path. The game caters to newcomers as well, who begin with safer and longer routes and build up power and efficiency. As one designer at DICE said, “You know you can get there, but how”? Parkour artists were called upon for their expertise on the movements which were implemented with greater complexity.

The game expands on Faith’s backstory -- the protagonist of the series who got tattooed around her eye to make a point. Combat was heightened in the sequel for varied gameplay. According to the senior producer at DICE, the team is committed to engineering the best first-person close combat thus far. Faith is a projectile, striking quick and hard with full control. The combating technique was materialized with attention to geometry of the move set and upgraded corresponding sound effects. New details as seen in the title image are a sleek body belt keeping with the minimalism of a traceur: light on the ground, heavy on the action.

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