Lower East Side Youth Class Starts May 28th!

Hey Guys

We've been getting allot of requests and were happy to say that our Flagship Lower east Side Youth Parkour Classes will be starting back up this May 28th at 1pm at our East River Amphitheater location.

For our new parents, This will be a 6 - week program and each class will be 90 minutes long. We'll be focusing on the fundamentals of parkour and parkour safety from the ground up.  There will be two coaches instructing, and all classes will take place outside in the art-forms intended environment. Sign up a young one for this fun, basic-level class, and watch them transform into traceurs this Spring!

Our youth parkour classes are designed for ages 6 -13.

The total cost for the 6-week package  is $210.00 and the classes will be held at East River Amphitheater 

Registration is NOW OPEN!

To sign up your child send an e-mail with the students name & age to

We hope to see you out there!

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