Jamba Juice Sponsors Our Jam!

The Forecast call for Sun tomorrow So Our Anniversary BBQ is on as Scheduled. and to make it even better this year Jamba Juice has agreed to sponsor it, better late then never lol. So you can look forward to some free Product at the Jam.

Jamba Juice will also be sponsoring the grand prize for Our Anniversary Jam PK challenge that will be happening during the Jam. The winner Will receive an all expenses paid Jamba Juice Party or Jam in their Honor at the day and time of there choosing Between July 1st - October 1st 2013.  You get full control, from the Guest list, to the amount and variety of products available.

So come ready to Jam and Eat tomorrow!

The Itinerary is as follows

MEET UP: 9:30am at Tompkins Sq. Park. Warmup/ training/ challenges here until 12pm noon.

12:00pm leave Tompkins to get lunch (plenty of small delis / restaurants in the area.

1:00pm Meet up again and Hamilton Fish. Training/ spot challenge until 2:30-3. May split up and take a group to scoops as well.

3:30pm Meet at East River Park amphitheater (look up on google maps). More training and spot challenges until 5:30

6:00pm meet up at East River Park BBQ pit, relax, light training, and BBQ food. Winner of spot challenges will be announced.

And then relaxing, training, and night games until we're all too tired to move anymore.

ALSO: Bring your most worn, torn up training sneakers you have. Photographer Andy Outis will be taking pictures of these shoes for inclusion in a professional project, and wants to show how hard we really go!

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