"Can you find me"?


The new July 2014 “Amazing in Motion STROBE” Lexus ad re-empowers the representation of human motion and craftsmanship. Hundreds of stuntmen, acrobats, and martial arts experts performed a sequential routine through treetops, high rooftops, and even a pool in flashing LED suits as a collective. The commercial is part of project series that aims to uncover the mosaic of motion through design, technology, and engineering. The ad was produced by Stink. Previous ads in the Amazing in Motion series include “Swarm” and “Steps”.

Award-winning director Adam Berg said, “the project was about recreating movement without gravity, hindrances, and boundaries”. It took forty engineers from Thailand to design a suspension line that was safe and quick to get in and out of. An added challenge was that each lightman pose had to be precise in a seven-layered vinyl and silk suit in Kuala Lumpur heat. Vin Bernham was the Hollywood costume director whose vision was for a visually stunning suit with movement flexibility. The hand-stitched designs took inspiration from the Lexus spindle grill and its 3D appeal. The technical aspect was led by Adam Wright who developed a wireless computer system using DMX software to light the suits individually. Check out the resulting STROBE spectacle in all its entirety below.

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