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BKLYN Beast is a hit!

What began as an ambitious project has turned into NYC's very first parkour and freerunning specific facility.  Located on 230 Bogart Street in Brooklyn, the BKLYN BEAST is a 4,000 sq foot space ideal for practicing beginner or advanced parkour, tricking, capoeira, and breakdancing movements.  Unlike most gymnastic gyms, the BEAST includes built-in solid walls, lache bars, and moveable vault boxes.  This unique setup, combined with the large foam pit, trampoline, and spring floor, allow practitioners to create their own obstacles and challenges that cannot be replicated in most indoor gymnastic facilities. 

The BEAST recently held a free Open House session, inviting traceurs to participate in games and challenges throughout the day. In case you missed it, the video below is a nice recap of some of the fun that was had. Be sure to check the facility out, and follow them on Facebook here!



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