American Ninja Warrior- We Did It!

7 seasons and 117 episodes later, America has finally seen its first American Ninja Warrior Champion. As a matter of fact, its seen its first two, although only one got the champion title. This year both Isaac Caldiero and Geoff Britten made it to the final round of ANW, Caldiero beating Britten's time of 29.65 seconds by just three seconds with a total time of 26.14. Those three seconds have given him the champion title and one million dollars, a sweet deal for a busboy used to making 10,000 a year. So, how did he prep for it? Caldiero has dedicating his life to fitness and training, as a matter of fact: “last year, in the months prior to the start of competition, Caldiero built a replica of a Stage 3 course in the backyard of his parents' house in Utah. This year, he and girlfriend Laura decided to hit the road and travel to rock-climbing sites instead”. He decided to travel to change his routine, with replicas he focused too hard on training and trying the same obstacles over and over. Rather than get used to the same obstacles, he got a variety of experience, "we don't know what we're going to get in the competition". You never know what you'll end up doing in a parkour jam session either. Have any of you traceurs applied to be on ANW? Tell us your story in the comments!

Caldiero on the ropes, picture courtesy of OutsideOnline.

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